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Circle Unbroken: Gullah Journey from Africa to America

 Four fully staged musical production and a film


Celebrating the roots and significance of the history and richness of the Gullah Culture, Gullah Journey from Africa to America recounts the story of enslaved people brought from Western Africa, predominantly Sierra Leone, who contributed to all aspects of life.  Through their geographic isolation and strong community life, the Gullah have been able to preserve their African cultural heritage, including their creole language similar to Sierra Leone Krio.

The historic and cultural importance of the Gullah people is recognized by the Federal Government’s Gullah Geechee Corridor and Reconstruction Monument.

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A Gullah Kinfolk Christmas Wish…Freedom Coming

First Friday in December 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


This fully staged musical production has become a holiday favorite with audience members traveling from both near and far to experience the spirit of the season. The performance depicts an historical account of December of 1860, the last Christmas before the Civil War. South Carolina has just seceded from the Union and War or Freedom is the talk by servant and master.


Aunt Pearlie Sue, nationally acclaimed storyteller, and her Gullah Kinfolk bring history alive on stage. The performance features soul-stirring, foot-stomping, singing and dancing, creating the excitement of the Yuletide season on a South Carolina Sea Island plantation.



Decoration Day... An Old Fashioned Memorial Day

Saturday before Memorial Day in Beaufort


Decoration Day, also known as Memorial Day, was first celebrated by African Americans in 1865, right after the end of the Civil War. Decoration Day honored the newly liberated enslaved people and those Blacks who had died in the Civil War. The fight for freedom and against racism has been lost in current Memorial Day celebrations. Decoration Day now continues to honor the African Americans killed in the war. Today, It is a major celebration in Beaufort, beginning at the National Cemetery and continuing through the Gullah Festival.


Join Aunt Pearlie Sue & The Gullah Kinfolk as they celebrate Decoration Day. Step back in time an’ experience Memorial Day like it ustah' be…Parade...Sam's Stokes Greasy Garage…Silas Green from New Orleans Carnival...Grand Army Hall…Beaufort National Cemetery...Tootie Fruitie and gullahlicious nibbles.



Reconstruction: The Untold Story


The true story of the newly freed Gullahs, a people determined to persevere out of the bondage of slavery to self-governing and full citizenship from the ashes of the American Civil War.  Aunt Pearlie Sue & Gullah Kinfolk, bring to life this profound era of American History, birthed on the Sea Islands of Beaufort County, SC. Step back in time with the nationally acclaimed ensemble’s full -stage musical...Circle Unbroken: Gullah Journey from Africa to America… and experience Reconstruction.



Are you planning a special event? Are you looking for performers for a variety show? Do you want to enhance the education of students in your school? Send a message about your plans, and we will get back to you soon!

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